Study in Russia

Study in Russia

Useful information for those interested in completing their higher education in the Russian Federation
Useful information for those interested in completing their higher education in Russia the Russian federal government allocates annually scholarships to students from foreign countries, as the number of these grants in recent years to 10 thousand grants annually in various disciplines. Due to the increasing number of foreign students wishing to obtain a higher education at their own expense in the educational institutions of high in the Russian Federation, decided to site “Russia Today” published some necessary information about educational institutions and Russian admission requirements where, to recognize students who have a desire to complete their studies in Russia.
1 – How to get an invitation to study in Russia

Student gets invitation to study at educational institutions Russian after an application by mail, fax or e-mail attachment required documents (a picture of the two first and second of his passport, certificate for ending the last grade) to the university, which wants to complete his higher education where During the period between May 1 / May and 15 October / October of each year. As the number of seats allocated to foreign students is limited, therefore, those who send their applications attached the required documents mentioned in the beginning of the period, will be greater chances of admission. This is a call for an official document, prepared by the Directorate of Immigration to the Russian Interior Ministry. This document confirms acceptance to study at the university concerned, as proven in the document complete information about the student’s passport and the name of the Russian League unacceptable. Completed and the Russian Interior Ministry this document within 45 days and expired 90 days from the date of issue, so it must be submitted to the Russian embassy or consulate for Russian entry visa to Russia during this period.

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